Welcome to DigiDads

…1.2 million social media impressions per month

… 115k social media followers

… 60k blog views per month

DigiDads is a group of like-minded blogging and vlogging dads.

Recognised as leading UK dad bloggers individually, we’ve come together to combine our experience, reputation and following to provide an enhanced platform for brands to deliver their messages to our audiences.

With a combined 60K blog views, 115K social media followers and 1.2 million social media impressions per month, why collaborate with one blogger when you can have five of the UK’s best all in one place?


DigiDads collaborate with brands on PR campaigns to help deliver their messages.

Whether this is sponsored blog posts, product reviews, video content or other promotional activities, we’re able to use our blogs, vlogs and social media as a vehicle to interact with our audiences and your target market.

Firmly established in the parenting / family sector, we also work across many other areas, including automotive, technology, lifestyle, fashion, household and male grooming.


Reach: A combined 115K+ social media followers, 1.2 million+ monthly social impressions and an average 70k+ monthly blog page views

Proven Track Record: 20+ years combined blogging experience and of regularly working with brands of all sizes to produce high-quality content

Accolades: Five multi-award winning and multi-award nominated bloggers who regularly feature in the top dad blogger charts

Wide Demographic: Cover the thirty to fifty-year-old male age range and have both boys and girls between the ages of 10 months to nine years old

Unique Voices: Although working together collectively, we retain our own writing styles, voices and approaches as we publish content to our own platforms

Value-Add: A central point of contact, a co-ordinated approach and mutual support ensures a better return than working with five individual bloggers

Multi-Channel Delivery: Able to deliver content across numerous formats, including blog, video and social media

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